C – PAP To La La Land

I got a C-Pap machine last week. I have never slept better even though I look like a Borg from the television show Star Trek.
Mask, tubes, a device under my nose, a machine on my bedside stand, distilled water, filters, computerized mainframe. It’s daunting at best. My little computer box gives me a big star every morning, so I assume there will be a trophy arriving in the mail soon. I had no idea that I don’t breathe when I sleep? How did I not wake up dead?
My wife has been checking my vital signs for years, and occasionally thumping my chest to start me up again. Now, she can get some sleep without worrying that I have assumed room temperature.
This C-PAP device is like a self-driving Tesla. Hook up, turn on, and let it do all the work for you. Now all I need is a painless catheter so I don’t have to get up to pee.

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  1. Sure lifted brain fog for me. This is my third go around with them. The earlier ones had “issues,” moisture from the humidifier dripping on my face. became miserable after a couple of years both times. I’m up to 18 months this time. Those engineers built a wire to heat INSIDE the hose (which used to be so bulky I called it my “elephant trunk” and you can set its temp separate from the humidifier! Bless CPAP engineers!


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