The Graduates

2021 Graduating Class

Pictured above is the first graduating class of the “Taliban School For The Perfoming Arts and Martyrdom,” founded in Kabul, Afghanistan. The Biden administration is financing their graduation trip to the United States to create goodwill and harmony.

Maya Sharona, NPR Corrospondent

Maya Sharona, Middle East correspondent for National Public Radio, caught up with the group as they boarded the first US evacuation flight out of Kabul.

Paul- Ah’ Abdula, a spokesman for the class, said, ” we are all pleased about coming to America; we have seen the film many times. We are supposed to have a luncheon with Mr. Eddie Murphy and tour the movie studios. “

” Where do you see yourself in a week after you have had time to adjust to America?” asked Ms. Sharona.

Mr. Abdula replied, ” oh we will definitely be blown up and dead and will be humping our virgins in Heaven with our other martyrs. Oh yes, I almost forgot; death to America you infidel whore.”

Before Ms. Sharona could field another question, a department of Justice attache’ ushered the group onto the plane, telling them, ” calm down, boys, there will be plenty of time for this stuff when you get to Los Angeles.”

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  1. I heard last night that the Talabums are saying that Afghanistan will be getting–more aid from the United States—after they sat down at the table and negotiated. Insane…..maybe the US government will fund the new Terrorism 101 class at Bin Laden University….or the entire program…. Sadly what you write- isn’t far from the truth.

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  2. Texas can’t wait to welcome them. We will have a surprise picnic for the whole bunch – a real blow-out!


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