” The Oprah Loves Adele for One Night Only”

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My wife and I managed to sit through the Oprah adores Adele show. Nice touch using the observatory as the backdrop. The smoggy sunset never looked more lovely. The beautiful lawless city of Angels twinkling in the valley below. I wonder, did they edit out the sounds of gunshots drifting up from the city proper? Most likely they couldn’t be heard because of Adele’s screeching. The Hollywood celebs attending are numb to such things. I did notice many of the stars were drinking to the point of sloshiness.

Chef Ramsey, the wonder boy of the food world, appeared nervous and looking for a way to exit, he had cooking to do. Many of the anointed ones were in disguise wearing baseball caps, and sunglasses, at night no less. I thought I spied John Lennon on the back row but then realized if he was to come back from the other side, it wouldn’t be for this show.

Did the Hollywood contingent pay a ridiculous amount for a seat, or were they free gratis from Queen Oprah? Was that Snoop Dog coordinating the valet parking?

At one point, when the screeching reached devastating levels, I expected to see the ghost of Pavarotti float onto the stage to give her Adele’ness a singing lesson or three.

The woman possesses a beautiful voice; so why does she feel the need to scream and wail to the point the lyric is lost? Every song is written in a minor key that gives it the feeling of a funeral dirge. Each song sounds the same; sad, sad, and then more sadness.

So she got herself divorced and lost 100 pounds and stopped drinking wine and eating real food while hiding out in one of her many mansions in an attempt to find herself. We’ve all been there. Right?

Is it worth an entire album to tell us about her daily routine, lack of control, and what a good mummy she is? Sounds like Adele is blowing smoke up her own proper British backside.

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  1. Ha. I’m sure much of this is dead on. I like some of Adele’s stuff–especially when she covers Bonnie Rait who I love (much better). Love that bluesy raspy stuff. But I haven’t heard that much of Adele and didn’t see this Oprah thing. Nice she lost weight, might keep her alive in today’s world. Vaccines won’t do it. 🙂


  2. I’m one of those fellows who aren’t quite sure what “hell” is. I’ve got a few theories on the subject, though. One of them is being duct-taped to a hardback kitchen chair and then placed in front of a 24/7/eternity Oprah television show. The very thought of it makes me want to become a better person. Thanks for the reminder, Phil. I’ll try to do better.


  3. LMAO!

    I like her voice but, I haven’t heard her screech, yet. Maybe it’s because she is outside of the UK and screeching keeps the LA riff-raff away? Screeching because Oprah is insufferable?

    And, no… I’ve never had to suffer finding myself in multiple mansions. And, I’m not giving up my wine.


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