God Help Us All….Biden Say’s We Are Going To Die This Winter!

After hearing president Devo’s dire prediction today, “It’s going to be a cold winter of severe illness and painful deaths.” Taking his prediction to heart, my wife and I are making our final arrangements. Well, not really, but maybe. The drama around the country is so thick you would think the Kardashian’s are writing sniffy’s teleprompter speeches. So our little statement is a wokie stab at black humor. Can I say ” black humor?” Is that too racist? Am I canceled?

It’s not every day our government, meaning head elf Fauci and president Poopy Pants, tells us we are doomed and will likely expire within a few months due to the Omicron BR549 Virus. The vile little bug, engineered to be quite intelligent and talkative, says it doesn’t matter if we are jabbed, the vax is a juvenile joke, and it farts in our general direction. Such a cheeky little bugger.

Our rotting, and recently retired carcasses will be found in our fancy new leather recliners, a melted cocktail still clutched in our skeletal fingers, and Netflix running on the television.

Come to think of it, I don’t believe any American president has given such a grim forewarning to our country. His wife ( not a doctor ), Jill Biden, is busy fielding angry emails on Hunter’s new laptop while making sure Ole’ Joe has plenty of diapers. Prince Charles’s wife ( never will be queen ) Camilla sent JoeBee a Costco UK membership and a coupon for a year’s worth of free Lavender scented adult diapers. For a commoner, she has such a royal sense of humor.

To save money and lessen the grief of our family and friends, when we do expire from the Omicron, after Christmas, we are holding a wake and celebration of life for ourselves. Of course, we won’t be dead quite yet, but this way we can hear the nice things folks say about us and be able to enjoy the excellent food, booze, and lovely gifts. We hope to see you at the gathering.

6 Replies to “God Help Us All….Biden Say’s We Are Going To Die This Winter!”

  1. Well, I’ll be hiding under my bed clutching a can of anti-bacterial spray in one hand and a spray can of Carolina Reaper pepper spray in the other. I think I can make the winter!!

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    1. I think I may have had it last week; sniffling nose, cough, waterey eyes, tears, hacking..oh wait a moment, I was watching a movie on the Hallmark channel. Keep that spray handy. What is Carolina Reaper Spray, is that similar to Vietnamese Death Pepper?


  2. I dont know shit about shit but I do know if my neighbor doesnt take her mask off and throw it away she will succumb to some kind of nasty end. I think the mask in question started out looking like a nice clean pair of whitey tighties but now looks like something that the guy in Bar Fly was wearing. I dont think the Benson and Hedges poking out is helping matters. I still talk music with her but it’s getting harder.


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