For The Dallas Cowboys…The Parties Over

Don Merideth as a Dallas Cowboy

Don Merideth used to sing the famous country song ” Turn Out The Lights, The Parties Over,” a Willie Nelson staple, when, at the end of Monday Night Football, the losing team was shellacked and had no way to come back. Too bad he wasn’t here to sing this past Sunday evening.

Dandy Don was the quarterback for the Cowboys back when they were a man’s football team and had the best coach in the NFL, Tom Landry. How things change in 50 years. Now they have Jabba The Hut as a coach, and the team is a bunch of woke, “where’s my trophy” pansy-asses.

An Arkansas hillbilly strikes it rich with oil and gas. I guess he was out “shoot’n at some food and up through the ground came a bubbl’n crude.”

He moves the family, not to Beverly Hills, but to Highland Park, Dallas’s equivalent. He then buys the team for a song and ruins the shining silver star of Texas. Just because he played football in college doesn’t make him a coach or an expert, of which he sees himself. Jimmy Johnson was the best thing to happen to the team since Tom Landry, and Jones, in the true style of “Dogpatch,” runs him off with a double-barrel shotgun and rabid hound dogs. Moma Yokum would be proud.

I was a fan since the 60s, then dropped off the cowboy wagon for a decade or so, then back on when my son bought 2 seats at the stadium, and I attended games with him. So I had hope that this season, after 26 years of disappointment, the “boys” would win the playoffs and go to the “big show.” Well, they did put on quite a show Sunday, but it was a “shit-show,” and once again, they will be watching the Super Bowl from their media rooms.

Jerry Jones has made a fortune from building a colossal stadium to house a mediocre team and trick the fans into filling the seats and buying his silver and blue made-in-China crap. In the 1800s, he would have been called a “huckster” or a “traveling medicine show,” and likely ran out of town.

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  1. So agree. Growing up a big fan. Stopped about the same times and reasons you did–plus some of them went on rape rampages. Never was unlucky enough to get in one of two seats to watch a game, but I’m glad you spent time with your son.


    1. He has lived in Corpus for the last 7 years so he sells most of his tickets nowadays. The price he paid for the seats back at the old Irving stadium has more than tripled, but he is gonna keep them for a while longer.

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  2. A carpetbagger…
    The 70s had some great football games. The first Superbowl I watched was the Cowboys and Broncos…I always liked the Dallas-Pittsburgh games.

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    1. They were the team to beat in the 70s. Dallas and Pittsburgh had a great rivalry going as well as with Washington Redskins ( can I say that?). I met a very drunk Dallas Cowboy, Leroy Jordan and a few of his buddies in 1970 while fishing in Port Aransas. We shot the bull for a minute then he shook my hand, it was like taking the hand of Bigfoot. My son still owns 2 seats at the new stadium but lives in Corpus so he sells most of his tickets these days.

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      1. I would also throw in Stabler and his Oakland Raiders. Oh yea…Redskins AND Cleveland IINDIANS.
        I still watch those games on youtube…those hits were fantastic.

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