” Is 2022 the New 1939 ?”

Adolf Putin

Just when we thought the world (except the middle east) had reached a civilized status, Russia’s “Thug For Life,” Putin, pulls a full-blown Hitler and invades the sovereign nation of Ukraine. So, in many ways, Europe in 2022 looks much like it did in 1939.

Biden stands behind his podium, stares at the camera with his best beady-eyed squint, and tells his countrymen that his sanctions will make Putin pay dearly. Yep, he continues to buy oil from Russia instead of opening a few pipelines in America. How about them sanctions, Joe? No more Wisconsin cheese and Napa wine for old Pooty Poot.

“Ras-Putin The Crazed” sits in his golden chair and tells the world if we interfere with his plans, we will “suffer his wrath like the world has never seen before.” Putin means business. Why? Because the man has an Xbox controller tied into thousands of Nukes and has lost his shit, and no one in Russia has the balls to lock him in the basement. That steely-eyed look on Biden’s face was likely caused by a massive Mexican food poopy diaper or Kamala crouching under the podium adjusting his catheter.

Where in the world is NATO? Half of those countries, over decades, have experienced the Communist boot on their throat. One can imagine they are sitting in front of their televisions texting each other, “Whew..glad it’s them and not us.” Another coterie of gutless men. Ukraine is going down in flames, and the only thing missing is the internment camps and boxcars.

Those dearly beloved hearts in Hollywood are pitching in and doing their part; haven’t they always been there for the world in times of crisis? They send Sean Penn, “the has-been third rate actor,” to Ukraine. He’s going to have a meaningful conversation with Putin, if he can get to Moscow, alive. They should have sent Denzel Washington; at least he would take a few dozen Commies with him as he went down. Old Dirty Harry himself, Clint Eastwood, is sitting on his patio, polishing his 44 Magnum and mumbling, ” let me at the Putin pussy prick, I’ll kick his Russki ass.” Yep, I believe Clint would.

All kidding and smart-assed comments aside, we need to pray that Ukraine and its good people survive this onslaught of evil. I can’t put the finger on precisely what we citizens can do, but someone needs to grab his crotch, tap the dirt off of the spikes and step up to the plate.

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      1. Biden said America will not send troops…I mean you don’t SAY that. Keep something as leverage even if you don’t plan it.

        So lets conintue to buy oil from them with no involvement… and they say Trump was Putin’s buddy?

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  1. Generally, if puppet parroting mainstream media reports it, I look for the opposite views for truth. I’ve seen way too much propaganda (including using photos from three years ago or screenshots from video games) supporting the elite version of what’s going on.
    Behind the scenes Soros, Biden, Obama, Kerry, Romney, Schiff, Pelosi, the CIA and others are threatened with losing their Ukrainian storefront gold & money exchange machines, some Dominion voting power, not to mention the bioweaponary abilities.
    Also, I’m not sure Biden has ever had Mexican Food in his life, especially since recent evidence based on CDC science indicates an analysis of his stool says it’s mainly made up of ice cream, nuts, raisins and various Gerber products.

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  2. Ras-Putin — I like that. The toughest meanest junkyard dog in the world, and America is stuck with a dirty old corrupt hack and a giggling idiot woman who slept her way to the top — both elected because voters put hatred of Trump ahead of the country. A guy that got more done than any other president. Well, we’re all going to the same place now.


    1. Rich Mich. My son, his wife, my wife two daughters and their husbands are hard-core libs. I asked the other day, ” how ya liking that 3.95 gas and no food on the shelves, and if it is there, how about those prices?” Deer in the headlight looks from them. Just pokin the little kiddos. Yep, we are all at the same dance now.


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