” I Mean, You Know”

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The president also dismissed the world’s richest man, seeming to mock Musk’s business endeavors in space exploration. “So, you know, lots of luck on his trip to the Moon. I mean, I don’t — I mean, you know…” Biden concluded on the subject, trailing off. 

This is the response from our president regarding Elon Musk’s take on our economy. Elon is a visionary, a genius, and an employer of thousands; he gets it and has the good sense to move his empire to Texas. Thank you, young sir.

Joe Biden is a man who never has in his long life held a private-sector job, owned a company, made a payroll, produced a product or a service that benefited the public, and made a career of using his elected office to make millions of dollars for himself and his corrupt family. Basically, Joe Biden is as worthless as a steaming pile of Racoon shit fermenting in a vacant lot in downtown Chicago. Makes one wonder how and why the state of Deleware still exists?

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  1. Yeah, damn fucken right, man! Elon IS a visionary and a huge benefit to this planet, while that putrid old fuckup is, as you so eloquently put it, a stinking piece of shit. Voters with TDS got us into this mess.

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      1. That documentary by the way has made more box office and streaming money than any political doc in the past 10 years — Wikipedia calls its vote fraud claims ‘false,’ which tells you where Wiki is at.


  2. “pile of Racoon shit fermenting in a vacant lot in downtown Chicago”
    Phil, you should win an award for that line.

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  3. I am no Trump fan but, this was a stolen election. Plus, Biden is, literally, a puppet. Odammit & Big Mike have their hands up his ass.

    I keep wishing he will drop dead on camera…but, that will only bring out more camel-toe. Ditto Pelosi…just…hit the ground. The news couldn’t get rid of the DUI story fast enough.

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