Take Me To Your Leader?…Well maybe Not

As usual, once confronted and exposed, our government overreacts. Shooting down balloons is easy-peasy; send in a jet or two, a troop of Cub Scouts with Daisy BB guns, or a redneck hunter with a 50-caliber rifle, and it’s not a big deal.

Now we have to worry about next Thanksgiving’s Macy Parade? Can you imagine a Cruise Missle or two screaming through the skyscrapers and taking out Tiki-Mon, My Kitty, Micky Mouse, or maybe even Snoopy? Good Lord, not even children’s birthday balloons are safe. It’s going to happen; hide and watch.

So what are the UFOs we have shot down? If it’s Aliens, then we are in deep trouble. Many times, I’ve been to Roswell, NM, and “I do believe.” Little Aliens are walking around the town, hanging out at Mcdonald’s and the UFO museum, signing autographs, and taking cell phone pictures with tourists. Have you seen the movie “Independence Day?” Those creatures have serious weapons and could turn New York and Washington DC into a crisp piece of bacon fat, which would take care of many, if not all, of our problems.

6 Replies to “Take Me To Your Leader?…Well maybe Not”

  1. (1) My wife and I stopped in Roswell, New Mexico back in January 2010, and toured the museum there. We were actually impressed by the museum’s objective approach.
    (2) I wonder if Goodyear is getting nervous.


    1. Haaaa! They should be about this time. Yeah, Roswell plays the Alien thing up, it’s great for tourism. Everytime we drive through there on our way to Ruidoso, my wife looks for Aliens on the street. Pretty sure we saw one at McDonalds one morning.

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    2. I went to that same museum in 2003. It was amazing. Later, my ex & I went to a local cafe. We asked a waitress, as she poured coffee, what the locals thought had happened. She was quite frank. The townsfolk believe it was, indeed, a craft. Small town & everyone knows everyone else. She stated that her grandmother knew Jesse Marcel…and he was no liar.


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