“Thomas Fowl Is Laid To Rest”

Drawing by Betty Crocker

Now the “Rona” has ruined Thanksgiving and is well on the way to destroying Christmas. Santa is no fool; that flimsy mask will not protect him from the vile germ that inhabits every surface in our homes. God forbid he drinks that warm milk and eats those germ-infested homemade cookies, and then brushes against that hot zone of a tree. He won’t last the night, and millions of children will be left presentless.

Our large cities, New York, Chicago, and others are adding Thanksgiving dinner to their list of hit crimes. A family can’t commune and break bread together or go to church on this peaceful day, but a family can have a funeral or go to Walmart or a strip club. How considerate is that?

This year, I will post in the local obituary that our family is mourning the loss of an esteemed member, Thomas Fowl. Visitation and the funeral service will be at our family home on Thanksgiving day. Out of respect for poor Thomas, the family and friends are requested to bring a side dish of comfort food for the attendees. Thomas will be laid out for viewing on a beautiful china platter with all the trimmings. A toast of good wine will be made in his honor. The governor is invited to attend if he pleases. Happy Thanksgiving, one and all.

3 Replies to ““Thomas Fowl Is Laid To Rest””

  1. recently saw a twitter post based on the same topic. we can have contact with 500 strangers at the HEB before coming to thanksgiving with our family of 10


  2. Makes no sense doe’s it? The folks in Granbury are forging on as if nothing has changed since Feb. H.E.B. at least tries. I was there a few days before Thanksgiving and observed a large number of folks not wearing mask. One guy, walking by with his family said, ” I aint’t wearing no mask, I’m not afraid of no bug.”


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