Before They Was Fab

This post is for my musical buds, Max and Dave.

I own two of these sacred gems, released in July of 1963. The one pictured leaning against my laptop is in the best condition, and it appears the album photo was taken at a London Sears portrait studio or by Brian Epstein with his Brownie Box camera. I believe it has only been spun a few times by a little hippie grandma on Saturday nights after consuming a few glasses of French Chardonnay since English wines are notoriously inferior. The other disc is missing the album cover and has minor scratches, but it still plays well. This captures the boys as they may have sounded at the Cavern club. Raw, gritty, and bursting with talent.

The American version was released 10 days later on Capitol Records titled “Meet The Beatles.” I also have that one.

10 Replies to “Before They Was Fab”

  1. Thanks for the mention Phil!!!
    Man this is a great album not to mention…it’s the original! It looks in pretty damn good shape. Who knew that almost 60 years later we would still be talking about them. Yea this is before the screaming set in…in America.

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    1. My 16-year-old granddaughter is coming to spend her spring break with us. She lives in Tulsa and is the daughter of my late oldest son. She is a total Beatles fan. So far, I have given her original disk of Abby Road, The White Album, and Lennon’s Imagine, which was still wrapped in plastic. I plan to give her a few more since I have extras. She also is a guitar player but is more classical. My 26-year-old grandson is a rock guitarist and plays very similarly to Hendrix and Nugent. I had no idea he owned 5 guitars and 4 amps, which is three more than I own. Yeah, who knew that 60 years would pass so quick.

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      1. That is wonderful… my 22 year old and his friends all like the 60s and 70s music…one of them told me…what choice do we have? Look what we are stuck with.
        I am glad the younger ones are appreciating the Beatles.


    1. Yes, it was, but the odd thing is that a few of the songs sounded slightly different, likely to some tweaking in the mix. I’ll post more on that later after I compare the two albums’ song to song. Still waiting on my new gear from Amazon, which is late because of the weather, and like you, been iced in here for 3 days and only started melting yesterday afternoon.

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