Up Up And Away In My Beautiful Balloon

So now we have Chinese Spy balloons floating over the US. What the hell? The Japanese Imperial Army tried this in World War 2, sending weather balloons with bombs attached. Is this the best these guys can do? And they warn us not to shoot them down with planes, drones or rockets. Get a Cub Scout Troop armed with Winchester 22 rifles. Problem solved.

This is not my usual Tall Tale, folks; you can’t make this crap up. My apologies to The Fifth Dimension.

7 Replies to “Up Up And Away In My Beautiful Balloon”

  1. I saw the videos of it on Telegram. Our gubment’s response is weird. And, it was just three nights ago that I was watching the four hour, two-part History Channel documentary on Roswell. Weather balloons…right. Jesse Marcel said otherwise.


  2. Okay, but we started it with high-altitude balloons filled with bats and incendiary grenades. That said, if the Chinese are using sophisticated cameras to spy on our people, they’re probably having issues with burning eyes and raw throats about now … and that should teach them a lesson they won’t soon forget.


    1. Now there is one over Canada and Latin America. the government says they could carry a small nuke device to cause an electromagnetic pulse to destroy our infrastructure. 60k feet is the perfect height. Read the book 1 second after. Biden has compromised our safety of our country for his criminal son that will lead back to him and his family. Where is the GOP, DOJ and FBI? China owns the US completely.

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      1. I have heard that it’s an ancient Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times.” The GOP (in my eyes) are like a group of lost little children trying to figure out what game to play so they can hang out with the cool kids. Many of them don’t have any real convictions but are trying to please the polls so they can hold onto the little power they have while the most manly among them are a small handful of women.


  3. China insists it’s just a stray weather balloon that managed to find a military base in Montana and hover over it for hours. No one in his right mind believes that lame explanation! I wonder if Hunter Biden has a financial stake in the company that built it and operates it for the CCP? If so, daddy prez has probably already collected his ten percent.


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