The Day After Easter

And Nothing Has Changed?

I don’t expect much these days. My childlike visions have long since faded into the past. Reality is a daily awakening that greats you with your morning cup of coffee and the news. I didn’t expect the world to be a better place this morning, but I held hope that it would be. My coffee tasted the same, the birds ate their seeds, and I was once again disappointed in the failures of humanity. There should be a religious name for the day after Easter Sunday. Any ideas?

10 Replies to “The Day After Easter”

    1. I’m researching this day, it seems that in the Bible the day after Easter has some significance. Of course I was kidding about the mulch sale, but our country tends to use any holiday or holy day as an excuse for a sale of their products. Thanks for commenting Herb. We are heading to Colorado Springs around May 12th, so looking forward to some cooler weather.

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      1. In the Springs I makeno promises about the weather, great or small, lol. In the small town where I grew up EVERY thing was closed from 12 – 3 on Good Friday and nothing was open on Easter at all.


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