Scammer Jammer’s And Spamer’s

Don’t Pick Up That Cell Phone…Fool!

I got five spam calls this morning with my local 817 area code. Thank you, iPhone, for identifying the little pest. I did, just for shits and giggles, answer one. The girl on the line talked fast and had such a heavy accent I couldn’t understand a word she said, except for medical, and she gave me my correct address, which worried me. How did she obtain that?

I gave her some reign and let her sputter on for a few minutes, letting her think she had a perch on the line; then I asked her this; ” where are you calling from?” she said the company name, “No, what country are you calling from because it’s not from Fort Worth Texas.” Click, end of the call. These calls are called “spoof” or “spook” calls. The scammers use a local area code and number without the owner of that number knowing it. Then, from a call center, likely in India or another Asian country, they attempt to get your information. Thank you, Artificial Intelligence, the company that sold your number and Medicare, that makes your information public.

7 Replies to “Scammer Jammer’s And Spamer’s”

      1. I do like that idea a lot. One time I got the robot call for a car warranty so I made my way to a live person. “I have a question about this warranty. I have two cars…” “Oh! You have two cars?” “Yes. Is this for the Rolls or the Bentley?” “click.”


  1. And, remember, this peddling of information by EVERYONE doing e-bidness, is for THEIR profit. Frankly, Feds and Phone companies should be held accountable, financially especially for this societal scourge.


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