It’s Alright To Speak Your Piece

I started my blog twelve years ago as an outlet to publish my short stories, opine on everyday life, and serve as a recounter of odd-ball Texas history. America and the “blogosphere” is different now.

My blog,” Notes From The Cactus Patch,” was born on another blogging site, and then switched to WordPress, which for me, a non-geek, was challenging and difficult to navigate. It took a while, but I became friends enough with this platform that writing and posting is no longer an ordeal.

Readers have inquired about the name of my blog. “Why do I write notes from a cactus patch?” they say. At the time I started my blog, my wife and I lived in Georgetown Texas, north of Austin, and was surrounded by cactus and cedar trees. Now we live atop a rocky hill in Granbury, over-looking Comanche Peak and I am once again, surrounded by cedar trees and cactus. The locality has changed, but the fauna is the same, so the name remains.

I discovered the “Search” button in the “Reader” category a while back. Not that I am keeping a count, but, I find that leftist-leaning blogs have hundreds, if not thousands, and possibly millions of more followers than conservative ones. Why is that? Coincidence? maybe, because more bloggers are in that twenty-to-thirty something age range. Us older bloggers, also known as “boomer’s and deplorable’s” are gaining on them. What else do we have to occupy our time but collect our Social Security check, clean and load our gun collections while reading our Bible, go to doctor’s appointments between medical procedures, and yell at kids to get off of our lawn? Blogging is a welcome and healthy distraction. A recent study finds that for seniors, blogging can add five years to our lifespan, or, cause us to stroke out and face plant into our laptop. Who did this study, Dr. Fauci?

This morning, I am sitting at my laptop watching the north wind whip the trees into a formidable frenzy. The sky is gray and spitting cold rain, the windchill is way below what I can stand, and, there is snow in the forecast for tomorrow’s eve. Not our typical Texas weather, but it’s dawning January, and winter’s appearance is late this year. The Cardinals visited their feeder a few times before giving up; too windy to eat. These hunker-down days are for writing, tuna sandwiches, and strong coffee. I will read and write for a while, then succumb to a nap.

After suffering through a dozen or more random blog posts, one, in particular, grabbed me. His blog picture was the spitting image of that “Jack the dude” that owns Twitter. Short un-even haircut, a ZZ top hipster beard, and that “no one is home” look in his doll eyes. I clicked on his post.

It seems that this slightly if at all educated young fellow is dead certain that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will save the world in 30 days or less by un-doing every good deed our President has put into place the last four years. The dynamic duo will correct the wrongs that plague every third or fourth world country on the globe, but will save our fascist, greedy white privileged racist America for last; It’s the right thing to do, and yes, America will foot the bill. He supports the movement to make AOC a saint, even though he is an atheist and has no idea how religion and the Catholic church works. I am assuming this young man was born in the late 80s and started his education around the same time the teacher’s unions became a full-blown socialist organization. They still are but now have “outed” themselves because they feel “empowered” by “the movement” and the great reset that is due to premiere in 2021. Let us pray he doesn’t have access to a Harry Potter wand.

His comment section was fat with support for his soliloquy. ” Go dude, we are with you” and “f… America and the conservatives.” I cringed more than once as I read on.

I don’t care for his poisonous pen or his misguided forecast of the future, but people that share common beliefs bond together, no matter the outcome. That is what shaped our Republic, and that mindset is what made us America. Let all free citizens speak their piece, but don’t be offended when others challenge that piece. God Bless Texas and Willie Nelson.

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  1. Happy New Year Amigo! Another great read here! For sure we have got to stand UNITED or Texas can just go back to being a Republic again. Either way we win!


  2. I love Texas. Visited a few winters ago. Too many California nut cases moving there. Remember the Alamo. Hold down the forte. πŸ™‚ And yep, God Bless Texas.


  3. Georgetown, huh? Been there many times. Lived in Round Rock (well…really Brushy Creek) for nearly a decade. Worked in downtown Austin…actually in the Stephen F. Austin building. I had prickly pears in my yard and agave (weeds of the cactus world).

    Why move to Granbury?


    1. To be closer to our kids who live in Fort Worth and Dallas. Enjoyed our time in GT and visiting Austin, but we were spending too much time back and forth to DFW.


      1. I’ve been to Dallas three times, twice just for DFW Airport and once for a Def Leppard concert.

        Spent quite a bit of time in Fort Worth, dancing at a saloon in the Stock Yards and hanging out in an Irish pub in the revitalized downtown. My ex & I scouted property around Azle. Loved that area.

        Also spent quite a bit of time in Clyde, TX (Callahan County). My supervisor had a 20 acre ranch there, property touching the Yahweh compound.

        I miss Texas…


      2. Texas is a great state to live in. My wife and I live in Granbury, which is about 40 miles southwest of Fort Worth. I grew up in Fort Worth and am fond of the Stockyard district and Sundance Square. Plenty of room and affordable housing if you decide to move.


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