Things That Make You Wonder, WTH?

Is it just me, or have you noticed how old Bill Clinton looks these days, and he’s younger than Donald Trump? Could it be the baggage he is married to? Just saying he looks like he has died and been dug up a few times.

I have a feeling that AOC’s mother may have had a one-night stand with Fidel Castro on one of those girls’ only weekends.

This new bombshell regarding the DNC and Hillary spying on a presidential candidate and then president goes deeper than Watergate. Yet, our national news media is crickets and lightning bugs on the crime of the century. Where are Bernstein and Woodward? Those two guys won an Oscar and the Nobel Prize for destroying Nixon, so why are they so quiet now? I think Forest Gump did a better job.

After the half-time show at the Super football thang, I now consider American music completely dead. Rap is not music, and no one can pinpoint what it actually is, not even the rapper dudes. The decline of civilization comes to mind.

Vlad Putin will take Ukraine, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. The US is weak, Europe is weaker, and NATO has outlived its usefulness and purpose. Ole Puttie Poot is about as evil as Hitler and Stalin combined but wears better suits.

The young track star from Texas gets booted from the summer Olympics because of weed. Okay, there are rules; she broke them and paid the price. The 15-year-old Russian skater accidentally ingests handfuls of her Grandpa’s heart meds, tests positive for banned substances, and yet gets to compete because the committee doesn’t want to traumatize the delicate flower. Lots of commie love from the Olympic folks. No one really cares. Gas is up to $3.50 a gallon, and food costs 30 percent more than it did a year ago. That’s what Americans care about.

Baby Trudeau may be the biggest wuss to ever lead a country. A pretty boy with perfect hair and well-fitted suits doesn’t make you a leader. However, the US would be wise to learn from what is happening in Canada because it’s coming to a neighborhood near you. Who knew that a convoy of truckers could shut down a government and be considered a terrorist organization? The Taliban is watching the evening news and saying WTF?

Looks like Spotify is going to lose all their classic rock artists. Who cares? No one. They weren’t that good anyway. If you want to hear them, go buy some vinyl or a CD.

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  1. Bill is just pissed off that he can’t ride on the Lolita Express anymore. There is some question as to whether or not Chelsea is his.

    If AOC’s mommy had a tryst with Castro, I guess that makes AOC Turdo’s half-sister. Have you seen the comparison pictures? Turdo is a dead ringer for daddy dearest. Margaret “got around.”

    Woodward & Bernstein were given the information to knock out Nixon. That was planned. They didn’t just “investigate” and come up with gold. CIA gave them walking papers. The Trumpster mess is a whole different level.

    The Superbowl half-time nonsense has been trash for years. The MSM was slobbering over the aging performers calling it “Millenial nostalgia”, as it were. Dumb asses. The performers were all Gen X. Every time there is a map of generations, we Gen Xers always get grayed out.

    Half of Ukraine is inhabited by Russians that don’t speak the language. I keep reading that this so-called “invasion” has everything to do with Germany. All about the gas?

    The Olympics are just as bad as the Superbowl. The ratings are in the tank.

    I don’t get Spotify. I’m with you. Buy your own music and play it. I wouldn’t waste my money on Neil Young. Who told him he could sing? He sounds like Felix Unger clearing his sinuses.


    1. Yeah, I’m afraid so. I changed the word to wuss. I watched the brawl in the parliament and Trudeau almost bolted for the door. A young Biden. I think he finally pissed off his citizens.


  2. Back to catching up on your latest after a COVID battle! Whew! It was rough. This is a great post. Looking forward to the other 40 (maybe) posts that I couldn’t read until now. Hope my heart can take it (wink)

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