“Spotify Don’t Need Him Around Anyhow”

“Hope Neil Young will remember, a southern man don’t need him around anyhow.” Lynard Skinnard had it right, and neither does the eastern or the western man. Sliding into rock and roll obscurity is a pitiful state. Joni Mitchell, one of my favorite singers from ” back in the day,” has joined the “has-been” wagon supporting old Neil. She’s been on that trip for a while now. Together, she and Neil can enjoy swooshing downward until they hit the pile of crap at the bottom of the celebrity slide. Eventually, everyone in rock music gets to ride it.

Old Neil was never one of my favorites. He can’t sing for squat and possesses a thirteen-year-old valley girl’s whiney, tinny voice. So, it’s puzzling why Crosby, Stills, and Nash asked him to be in their supergroup. Those three guys could sing like hashed out angels, so Young must have been there for his guitar chops and fancy fringed leather jackets.

Joe Rogan is the new big deal in town. A new age sheriff with lots of tats and a six-gun on each hip. He’s as cool as Clint Eastwood and has the literacy jive of Jack Kerouac. He calls it as it is and doesn’t coat anything with honey.

So, Joe Rogan is the guy that Neil Young and Joni Mitchell always protested against way back in their hippie-dippy days, and Biden, who is the personification of “the man holding them down,” with his kings’ scroll of mandates, is their new golden calf. Go figure that crazy town crap out. They canceled themselves.

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  1. OMFG! LMAO! That is GREAT. I couldn’t have expressed the above any better. I do NOT get the Neil Young thing. And, I still can’t wrap my head around Daryl Hannah’s interest in him.

    You might find this little write-up quite interesting:

    Mr. Protester, protesting “the man”, is a big, fat hypocrite.

    I am neutral on Joe Rogan. I’ve seen bits and pieces of some of his podcasts but, this knee-jerk reaction over his interviews with McCullough and Malone is ridiculous. In fact, this whole convid thing is ridiculous.


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