A Friday Rant From The Cactus Patch That is Visiting in Colorado for a few days !

Well oil my musket, wipe my ass and call me Davey Crockett. Things in the Cactus Patch are so off-kilter I can’t walk straight without a good shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Now the whales are pissed off and jumping onto boats. The boat was owned by a Democrat Greenpeace Pot Smoking Transgendered Fishing Captain attempting to coax a throng of weekend mariners to join his cause. The whale was obviously a conservative and was enraged by the rainbow flag flown aftward and the “Little Mermaid” sticker on the hull. Let’s hope the Great White Sharks off Lon-gilend don’t catch on.

If Martha Stewert went to prison for insider trading, why isn’t Pelosi, her husband, and most of the congress receiving the same treatment? The only reason she is still alive is that she has enough money to buy black market spare organs to keep her going. If she farted, her face would explode.

Merrick Garland is going to prosecute Trump? WTF? How about he starts with Hunter Biden, his wife, his father, his hookers, and then all the Antifa and BLM trash that ruined Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and other smaller cities? Garland is a worthless human unit that uses Dippity Do on his hair and hasn’t had a good bowel movement in years.

Biden releases another 20 million barrels of oil from our national reserve. Who is he selling it to this time? He will try and take a victory lap, but will likely be held up by Jill and the Secret Service. The corpse doesn’t know what planet he is on. This is the result of putting an old man that has shit for brains in office. Although Scarlett O’Hara wore her dress made from her curtains better than Jill does.

Biden’s machine is in full swing. The cute little Barbie black lesbian is now a historian. She and her lemmings now tout that he is the new Winston Churchill. At 79 years old, Mr. Churchhill knew his time was up. Health and mental issues had rendered him a shell of the ferocious lion-hearted warrior he was in the 1940s. Biden is only an 80-year-old feeble man with a small quadrant of his brain that occasionally functions. Don’t insult the world by comparing Biden to Churchill. It’s sacrilege.

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    1. Thanks, Herb. I’m a hopeless miner of history, and Churchill is one of my mentors of sorts. Eric Larson recently wrote a book “The Splendid and The Vile,” that is more telling of the Churchill family and the years he helmed Britian. Comparing Biden to Churchill is demeaning to the legacy of the great man. Mrs. Thatcher was also a great leader any sane person would not want to tangle with.

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      1. As a UK citizen I agree about comparing Biden the bidet, to W.C.!

        As regards Mrs. Thatcher we needed her for a bit but I reckon 1.5 terms was enough (I was in my 20’s at the time). She went demented, sold off the utilities enabling foreign buyers to control what are still really monopolies. They now stuff the British public with ridiculous energy price rises.


    2. Quite right. As a UK citizen I object to Biden being compared to Churchill, let alone Zelenskyy in the Ukraine. Churchill had his flaws and as far as I can tell admitted them. And he could be very funny. This is recorded if you don’t know it.

      Bessie Braddock MP: “Winston, you are drunk, and what’s more you are disgustingly drunk.”

      WSC: “Bessie, my dear, you are ugly, and what’s more, you are disgustingly ugly. But tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be disgustingly ugly.”

      I would disagree that Biden has never done anything in 50 years though. He has lied a lot.

      But then most politicians do that.

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      1. I have read some bits. My grandfathers books came to me and I hope to read them all through although others, such as Montgomery, write about him a little as he knew Churchill well.


  1. Delightful read. PSA: Next time you’re needing a sip of the Irish, no Tullamore or Jameson handy, glom onto a double shot of Proper Twelve.


    1. I’ve seen it spelled both ways. I should have used his given name, David. Texas History Movies, the first cartoon novel about the history of Texas published in the 1930s spells it both ways, so I guess it’s acceptable. I use Grammarly as my editor and it didn’t catch it. Makes you wonder how all those early novels by Wolfe and Faulkner were edited so correctly.


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