Who You Gonna Call?

When the juvenile name-calling has stopped, and the fossilized Republicans gather in their lyre to consider their candidate, who do they have? Trump or DeSantis? That’s it, kiddies. No one left with enough charisma to hold up to being a candidate. Biden can’t run because of a brain malfunction, and Hillary is so damn evil not even a Democrat would vote for her. So, Mr. Hollywood, Gavin Newsome is their only hope.

Trump’s already declared his intentions with a great speech. Instead, whether we like him or not, DeSantis will most likely issue a statement within a few days.

Trump has the bulldog tenacity and sharpest teeth, but DeSantis has the second coming of the “ghostly Kennedy family” working for him, even though he is a conservative. It’s damn right scary. The only thing missing is the compound at Hyannisport and loading up the Mafia with cash.

McConnell is a disgrace, and McCarthy is likely to bumble-dumble all he attempts, even though he has a very nice haircut. Let us hope he has the balls to have Pelosi removed from the building by the Capitol Police. She deserves no better.

I’m going to Half Price Books and Barnes and Noble and load up. At least reading good books will keep my mind off of this clown show.

9 Replies to “Who You Gonna Call?”

  1. I wonder if the Republicans will back Trump? My hate is toward Pelosi…I feel bad hating Biden…it’s not nice to hate the mentally challenged.


  2. DeSantis is doing a great job in Florida and he and his wife are, as you say, Camelotish, but in a street fight — i.e. politics — my money would still be on Bad Bad Leroy Trump! And Newsom wouldn’t last a Noo Yawk minute — you don’t bring a hairbrush to a knife fight.


  3. I like DeSantis but would like to see 4 years of Trump’s revenge to straighten things out first. It’s bothersome that Jed Bush (who was supposed to be the next John McCain, Mitt Romney like heir apparent to the GOP Establishment (think Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell & Kevin McCarthy). So that bothers me. GENERAL rule of thumb: if media &or Ronna McDaniel pushes someone, that person is not good).


    1. Basically, the Repbulican party is in dissary and infighting. I have no confidence in them. Although Hershel Walker was not the perfect candidate, he should have won based on the polls. Newsmax is saying this morning that the vote dump consisting of ballot harvesting and fake voters gave Warnock the election. Trump keeps shooting himself in both feet while he is trying to draw his pistol. He’s got to get his s..t together or he will have zero chance and it will have to be DeSantis, who like you, I believe he should wait until 2028. Good reporting as usual.

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