“Remember The Good old Days?”

Now I’m sounding like my grandfather ” remember the good ole day’s” for whatever point he was trying to make. Now I am him.

Remember the good old days when people actually took the time to set before a keyboard and answer your emails instead of using one word or a stupid little picture of a beer or a heart or some other useless bullshit like that.

I send a lengthy email to a few friends of mine. Nothing that was a novella or a short story, just some questions, and recollections. What did I receive, ” an emoji and “sent on my iPhone” I almost had a stroke. I spent thirty minutes composing an easily readable, edited, and entertaining email, and I get a thumbs-up crap from a smart-ass phone.

No more; I will send one word or a cute little picture and let them figure it out.

17 Replies to ““Remember The Good old Days?””

  1. This reminds me that this past summer, I spent a good half an hour creating a birthday email for one of my sisters. She wrote back: “Cute!” That’s it, nothing more! Two seconds tops to make and send that reply. But one good thing about “nowadays” is that I can collaborate with my songwriting partner in France thanks to the advent of video chat.


      1. One other thing I remembered from long ago. Stienbeck was a prolific writer of personal letters. It was said that if he wrote a letter, something with a deep thought, or a point he wanting to make with the recipient that if he didn’t receive a response in what he considered a reasonable time, he would strike the person off his list. I would think after reading all of his books, that anything John Stienbeck sent me would require a timely and educated response. Just think if would have had email.


  2. The days of writing letters is long gone. My wife was a great letter writer. Her computer was for work only. To friends and family she would sit down with a true-blue fountain pen and an actual pad with pages and write wonderful letters. That was her thing and they loved getting them.
    Like you, I hate those little faces and that dumb lazy email shorthand like ‘lol’ — which I still don’t know if it means
    ‘Lots of luck’ or ‘lots of love’ or ‘laugh out loud’ …


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