Buying Ammunition at The Walmart

I detest shopping at Walmart. It’s not that I feel I’m better than the folks that go there; it’s more of a sadness that washes over me when I enter the door and am greeted by an elderly person who is drawing social security and can’t make ends meet and has to stand and speak to strangers the entire day. Most of the strangers don’t reply when the greeter says,” hi there, welcome to Walmart.” It makes me want to cry at times-being old. I sympathize with the elderly, and even though I don’t consider myself in their league, people say I am elderly. At times, it’s tough to accept, but I knew it would eventually happen, and most of it would not be pretty and wrapped with a red ribbon and constant travel like the pharmaceutical commercials promise.

Another thing that bothers me about Walmart is the trickery pulled on the shoppers. I can go to the H.E.B. and get more food for my money than at Walmart. It’s all a marketing ploy pulled on the folks that can least afford it. I don’t blame Sam Walton for any of the shenanigans in his formally buy American store. His family and their families and cousins and uncles and such have turned the place into a shrine for Chinese marketing. I tried once to find anything made in America. I walked the isles for hours, picking up random objects; made in China, Taiwan, Mexico, Philipines, and on and on, but most of it was from China. The only items found to be made in the US are the produce. If the Chinese grow celery, tomatoes, and lettuce, they must keep them for themselves.

Walmart used to sell guns. They still have a few shotguns locked in cases, and you can buy a nice Daisy Red Ryder BB gun or a pellet rifle, but no rifles or pistola’s, only limited ammo for such armaments. That’s where I ran into my old buddy Mooch.

It was yesterday, and MoMo and I were at Walmart picking up our medicinal prescriptions since our Medicare plan says we must use Walmart Pharmacy and no other. I saw him turning the corner from the garden section, which was now full of Valentine’s and Easter crap. I caught up with him in the sporting goods, standing at the ammo counter in deep conversation with a young man with wooden blocks in his ear lobes and piercings in his nose. Besides those additions, he looked like a normal Walmart employee; his nametag read Edwin B. He and Mooch were discussing ammunition.

I sided up to Mooch and cleared my throat. He acknowledged my presence but kept his rapport with the pierced boy.

” You’re sure these 50 caliber bullets will go at least 40 thousand feet and will bring down what I’m going to shoot at ?” The pierced boy said, “yep.”

The box of shells was as big as a loaf of Mrs. Bairds bread, and the price tag said they cost $300 dollars. I think Mooch will kill a Dinosaur or Bigfoot with ammo like that. He paid the boy with his debit card, and we walked away.

I’ve known Mooch for twenty-plus years, and it’s sometimes better not to know his plans. The suspense was killing me, so I broke my own rule and inquired, “Mooch, what are you going to shoot that would take a 50-caliber armor-piercing bullet?”

Without missing a step or turning his head, he said, “Me and the wife are leaving for Montana in the morning, going to shoot down some of them Chinese balloons and take the solar panels and all that spy stuff back home.” I wished him a safe trip and good hunting; wasn’t much more I could add to that.

9 Replies to “Buying Ammunition at The Walmart”

  1. (1) I highly anticipated the golden years, and all I got was fool’s gold.
    (2) I remember when Walmart proudly displayed Made in the USA on their storefronts. I think the last time I saw a sign like that was back in the 1980’s. If Walmart suddenly changed course (like one of its balloons), and only sold American products, the Chinese economy would take a major hit (like one of its balloons).
    (3) I wouldn’t take a Walmart employee’s word for anything. Edwin B. Stupid just wanted to make a sale.


  2. I do fear for Mooch’s safety out there on the range. Well, okay, not so much for Mooch but for anyone living ten or more miles on either side of where Mooch is standing when he launches a .50 cal. round into space — should the USAF or USSF decides to shoot back. That “surgical strike” stuff you keep hearing about is all fanciful cow tacos. Why would our air force shoot back? Well, to protect the Chinese equipment, that’s why. It has to do with those weird relationships between Xi and Biden.


    1. Yep, not sure what Mooch has planned for that equipment. Probably put solar panels on his roof and use the spy stuff to build a home stereo system. He’s the only man I know with a WW2 bazooka that works. All that buddy-buddy crap is about to blow up in his face, I hope. At least we can dream about it happening.

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  3. Walmart… they are like locusts descending on a town and next thing you know… all of the mom and pops places shut down because they cannot compete with the Chinese. Then…now that they eliminated the competition…when their sales drop they move and there is another huge empty building that sits there for eons and eons like a giant concrete coffin.
    Sorry I got sidetracked…yea I hate them as if that didn’t say so.

    Mooch sounds like a character!

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