Nothing To See Here..Next Question?

Where are Mayor Buttercup, President Biden, Speaker McCarthy, Jim Jordon, AOC, Crosby Stills and Nash and Young ( the song Ohio), Madonna, and all the other mouthpieces for environmental warfare? Ohio has a major environmental disaster ongoing, and the mainstream media and the administration are silent. Where are the dozens of environmental groups that rag-ass every industry in our country to the point of extremism? This disaster in Ohio is akin to a nuke set off in a small town of 5000 residents. Animals are dying as far as ten miles from the town, and who knows what future effects it will have on humans. East Palestine, Ohio, is now a toxic wasteland that may or may not be habitable.

From ABC News; State health officials were initially concerned about the presence of vinyl chloride, a highly volatile colorless gas produced for commercial uses, which spilled after about 50 cars on a Norfolk Southern Railroad train derailed in East Palestine, Ohio, on Feb. 3 while traveling from Illinois to Pennsylvania. Other toxins, like phosgene and hydrogen chloride, were emitted in large plumes of smoke during a controlled release and burn, prompting officials to issue mandatory evacuation orders in a one-mile radius of the crash site.

Butterboy sits in Washington doing and saying nothing. Where are the Republicans on this? Everyone is quiet. They would rather concentrate on Chinese spy balloons and UFOs, which our government has denied existed for years. Now ET will be pissed, and who knows what will happen. He definitely will be phoning home for reinforcements.

Maya Sharona, head reporter for NPR News, says that Mayor Pete and a small contingent plan to ride their new mountain bikes to Ohio to review the disaster. Now that should make everyone feel better.

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  1. Just for grins, I’ll take a different point of view. I don’t live in Ohio, so I don’t care about train wrecks or chemical spillages in Ohio; I have enough problems where I do live — so I need to focus on that. But also, I’ve been looking at government decisions since around 1783, and none (emphasis on zip, nada, nil) of them appear very well thought out — and whenever there’s a snafu, we, the people, end up breaking out the emergency stores of petroleum jelly (for our protection). I’d like it better if the federal government didn’t try to make a perfect world for us.

    Here’s one of the early examples of lame U.S. government decisions: After the French beheaded their king, the U.S. Congress reasoned that since our debt was owed to the King of France, his death canceled the debt. The French government naturally had a different view, so they started snatching U.S.-flagged commercial vessels from the high seas. This was not a problem for the French since we had no navy back then. Moreover, the French put the word out to Barbary Pirates to “snatch away, matey,” and the French and Berbers ended up splitting the proceeds.

    The fix was that Congress had to re-create a navy to protect American ships from French hijackers because Congress reneged on its financial obligations. We label this today as “Your government at work.”

    So here’s what I think: the less government does for us, the better off we are.


  2. J. D. Vance, Ohio’s new Senator finally coughed up some words on Tucker’s show, yesterday. Considering this event took place on Feb. 3, I didn’t even know about it until early Monday, when attorney Jeff Childers did a write-up on the disaster in his Coffee & Covid substack site. He included some Twitter posts and off I went. Holy shit. Last night, Glenn Beck interviewed a woman on the phone that ran a kennel there, close to the wreck. It’s BAD. There are also videos of dead chickens, domestic foxes, dead pets and violent reactions in children. All Buttgag did was spew typical politi-speak on Twitter. Where Jim Jordan is, is baffling. Mike DeWine looks like he is near death, bent over a podium when he finally made a breathless statement.

    Have you heard about the movie that was made last year that covers this event…in predictive programming? Look up White Noise…2022, starring Adam Driver. There were East Palestine people in that as extras.

    Also, this nasty event has happened in the very heart of Amish country. This also shows the hypocrisy of the environmentalists. Where is Greta? Who has come to the wreck to throw paint & soup and, glue themselves to train parts?

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  3. I hardly heard about it until The Hinoeuma told me about it. I don’t get why everyone is so quiet. This will have years and years of damage to wildlife and possibly people.

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    1. This disaster is not being covered, nor is the government in the trenches trying to stop the damage. Biden was on the tube today talking about the balloons and UFOs and didn’t mention the disaster, it was his chance, but he ignored it. So what is up? Any American with a functioning brain has to wonder, and worry. “Something is amiss at the Circle K”

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  4. Perusing archives. Catching-up. Slow day, yes. Should be writing, but really, there’s not much point to my trying to entertain minds running preponderantly to Wonder Woman/Battle Fatigue/LGBQXYZ appreciation with [my brand of] reasonably intelligent fiction. Good read this one. Chuckled until I cried, for obvious reasons.


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