“Influence-inza,” Making Folks Sick, One Video At A Time

I am not easily influenced by anyone or anything. Putting a pretty gal with Kardashian eyebrows, trout lips, and a big butt on social media is not going to make me buy any product or service she is pushing. I am immune to such nonsense. Please excuse the first word in the title; I made that up and happen to think it’s appropriate.

Apparently, the younger folks latch onto these women known as “influencers” like they are their long-lost-fairy godmothers. How can a young woman, or someone pretending to be a woman, it’s difficult to tell these days, tell anyone to stick their head in a freezer for an hour, and it will take away their facial wrinkles? Oh my, but it may also give you frostbite, and you might lose your nose, ear, or even eyesight. Who are you gonna call ( my apology to Ghostbusters), the “influencer” chick or 911?

“Like wow Doc, like I tried really-really hard to call the influencer girl to help me, but her Tik Tok number is not listed, I can’t find my phone…have you seen my phone….oh no…I’m going into withdrawl.” says the dumbass teenager to the emergency room doctor.

Who are these people on social media, Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, and all the other platforms? Has our society gone so low as to believe what a “faked-out” extraterrestrial-looking person/thing says or, worse yet, instructs you to do? I have read articles from good and reasonable professional sources that the majority of these young women/things are as stupid as pasta noodles but not so stupid as to make millions of dollars in the process. Who watches this drool? Would you believe our children, pre-teens, and teenagers, even college-educated, supposedly intelligent twenty-somethings, with or without a paying job? That is their core audience. I’ve watched a few of them on Youtube to see what the fuss is about. There is no fuss, only stupidity, narcissism, and worshiping at the “church of social media,” Pastor Zuckerberg officiating and leading the service.

It came to me in the middle of the night. The Kardashian women are responsible for this scourge on society. They have turned American teens into a warped, weird version of themselves while making gazillions in cash and influencing our young. Look at the women on television. Our local news outlets have female presenters who look strangely like a Kardashian; big butts, swollen lips, and large, clownish eyebrows. I can’t get through the five-o’clock newscast without turning my television off. It makes me yearn for the 1980s newscasters, as bad as that was.

12 Replies to ““Influence-inza,” Making Folks Sick, One Video At A Time”

  1. Agreed. And have we taught the children so little that they will try to eat laundry soap because someone “cool”, an influencer, said to? This is not just a bunch of guys daring and double-dog daring each other to do something ridiculous but a whole generation out of their minds..


    1. Herb, it’s gone beyond sanity. There is a generation of young that believe that iPhone is their God. All the information they have, or learn, comes from a phone or a tablet. They are weak in soul and mind and that is why these influencers have so much hold on them, and lead to a wrong path. I am afraid for my 10 year old grandson and my 16 year-old grandaughter. My oldest grandson, saw the light, and the harm, and stepped away from it. I meant for the post to be funny, and ridicule the influencers, but there is a dark dark side to this profession, if one could call it that.

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  2. “Has our society gone so low…” Yup. Worse than you think, actually. “…stupidity, narcissism, and worshiping…” Ehm, yeah. Where ya been? “…a warped, weird version of themselves…” Put warped and weird on top of already warped and weird, and whataya got? It’s ‘Murica today, man. And, incidentally, it’s politically un-PC for you to say so. Shame on you. But it made for a damned good read. Thankee.


  3. I never got the Kardashians…ever. I like attactive women…but they are not to me. I can go to our dollar store and find better looking women than any of them. I blame the parents though…teach your kids between right and wrong. It doesn’t always work but it doesn’t hurt.
    We are in this phase of society of being famous for….being famous. No true skill…can’t sing check, can’t act check, can’t do much at all…check.


  4. (1) My sister has lived in Texas for well over 40 years. She now speaks like a Texan with a bit of a drawl. If she ever leaves Texas, she’ll no doubt tell us, “I’m going into withdrawl.”
    (2) When it comes to Kim Kardashian, she definitely has a big following…even when she’s alone.
    (3) I don’t understand “trout lips” either. Are they fishing for a kiss? (Note to trout lip girls: You inject the filler, and I’ll inject the humor.)
    (4) “I want to grow up to be an influencer.” Narcissism and (if they’re good at it) big bucks. (It’s the influence-ability of influencers that influence young influencees to become influencers.)
    (5) What is a college education these days? Is it anything related to learning useful knowledge?

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