Weekends Are Meant To Be Relaxing. Right?

Weekends are made for chilling out, napping, reading, yard work, gardening, listening to vinyl records, and other mundane pursuits. To start off a lovely sunny Saturday, I find banks are failing in California and other branches across the US and Europe.

Tech upstarts and shady banking boardroom skullduggery are the culprits, and they remind me of the classic movie, “It’s A Wonderful Life.” The banking boys in California are like the greedy Mr. Potter and his henchmen. After the run on the banks, George Baily’s Building and Loan may still be open for business, but that one dollar in his safe will not save him. Potter will, in the end, own Bedford Falls, even though the movie doesn’t show that. There should have been a sequel, but Frank Capra and Jimmy Stewert weren’t up to it. Finding out how Clarence the Angel made out after he received his wings would have been nice.

Is my IRA and retirement safe? Not in the least. Our current administration wants to add a higher tax, steal more from Social Security, and in general, cause the economy to implode and make life miserable for us seniors. I don’t care to live on the streets in a tent under a bridge, smoking crack and pissing on the sidewalk. Seniors now were the 60s generation of protesters, so why can’t we organize, protest in DC and facilitate change to save our own butts and those of our children and grandchildren. I, for one, would be willing to risk a bit of teargas and hard rubber bullets. I would use my sturdy aluminum Walmart cane as my weapon of dissent, burn my Cigna Plan D prescription card on the steps of the White House and chain myself and my personal scooter to a light pole. I can recruit my friend Mooch and his pals, the Granbury “Plowboy’s,” to come along. They’re continually pissed off at everything, so this would be a nice excursion for them, as long as a Waffle House is within walking distance of the march.

I read this morning that the American Red Cross organization, the ones that are there when tornadoes and floods hit the south, is distributing leaflets, maps, cash, credit cards, and investment advice to illegal immigrants in Central America and Mexico, showing how to cross the border in style and obtain free services once they break into our country. Come on in, free stuff for everyone, except American senior citizens, and our homeless. You might as well put Biden on the international bridge with a bullhorn shouting directions and other demented nonsense. No more donations from me and the missus to this traitorous group of wokies. I would say they are now more “Red” than “Cross.”

I am considering withdrawing and depositing my legal tender in the Bank Of Sterns and Foster.

6 Replies to “Weekends Are Meant To Be Relaxing. Right?”

  1. The only thing we can say about the American government is that it has been working steadily since around 1828 to make everyone dependent on government for our basics in life — and then steal from us whatever quality we can eke out for ourselves by being particularly clever with our retirement.

    Most people don’t give this a second thought. It’s one of those occasions when the “govmint snuck up on us.” We never imagined, for example, that any government that can give us everything our heart’s desire can also take away everything.

    Ya’ll remember what happened to the Indians, right?. They don’t call those lands reservations anymore… they’re FEMA camps. Just know that you can always tell when the government is lying because its lips are moving. So … like that. The government scammed you about the Golden Pond, but here’s my advice, don’t accept any blankets from government agents.

    Don’t worry, though … Joe Biden is in charge. He’ll make it all better. Still, to be on the safe side, you might start working on acquiring a taste for cat food; it’s almost like tuna. Almost. And a bit cheaper, but not much.


  2. Mayorkas continues to insist that the “border is secure.” Is there anyone stupid enough to actually believe anything he (or anyone in the Biden Administration, for that matter) says? It’s just one lie after another!


  3. Uh oh Phil you will be sent in front of the board for this…”illegal immigrants” oh no we can’t say that…the correct wording is “undocumented workers” lol.


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