I’ve Got A Case Of The Covid Guilt

It’s a good feeling to know that our government and medical community really..really likes MoMo and me. Last week we received 4 Covid home tests; yesterday, we received 4 more, and a month ago, we received 4. Our mail carrier must think we are hypochondriacs or we are terminal with the pesky little virus.

I now feel guilty for not having the disease. I may take a test later today just to feel better about it. All this work by the medical company and the US mail; it takes effort to get these little boxes to us, not to mention the cost. Instead of the test, they could send us a gift card or a 40 percent off coupon for Hobby Lobby.

I guess we could go to Walmart and lick the handles on the baskets or the restroom door handles or kiss a coughing old lady, and we might contract the Covid, although it’s not guaranteed.

Looks like some of our friends will be getting the Covid test for Christmas.

12 Replies to “I’ve Got A Case Of The Covid Guilt”

  1. The worst part of all the BugPharma bullsht is that there are still millions, I guess billions of sheepeople out there who are still getting sucked into the evil bog of the Deep Swamp.


  2. The thing to remember is that if you invest heavily in Covid Test Kits, you’ll be making a major contribution to the Wuhan Lab Research Foundation, previously funded through coercion by the United States government (read: American taxpayers) through the Centers for Disease Control (read: Dr. Anthony Fauci). That’s got to be something to be proud of after two or three liters of Australian red wine (available at H.E.B.).

    PS. Don’t send me one — I’ll end up gifting it to someone else.

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    1. We have relatives and friends that travel to other countries, so they will be getting them for Christmas. They like to think they have Covid, makes them feel better when they can test themselves on a regular basis.

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