“Things Learned On A Sunday Morning”

I was awake at 2: 45 this morning. I have learned that once my brain engages, there is no time for sleep. I get up, turn off the alarm, turn on Mr. Coffee and my laptop. I don’t bother with television news anymore, but I prefer to read news sites for my information. The coffee brews, a cup is poured, and it tastes darn good. After two cups, I forget about coffee and start making notes for a future blog post. Thirty minutes later, I decide on a third cup. Good grief, the coffee taste like swill, burned, and nasty. I learned this morning that if you leave the coffee on the burner for thirty minutes, it’s ruined, and you might as well pour it down the drain. This makes an excellent argument for using our Keurig machine, but the pods will break your grocery budget, so it stays in retirement. I am meant to suffer for coffee.

I follow many blog sites on WordPress. In turn, some follow mine. It’s an excellent trade-off. For example, this morning, I came across a blog focusing on religion, one of my favorite argument topics.

The writer, a Christian and a Catholic living in the UK, takes offense to music in church. Not so much the white-haired old lady playing the Hammond organ and a choir singing old-time religious songs, but the entire rock band on stage with a trio of singers wailing away about who knows what. He calls it “Jesus Rock.” I get it. I am a musician, and I know how music can move you. A well-played tune can energize your soul or take you to your knees in grief. But, unfortunately, the wrong kind of music can also distract your worship and send me running for the exit. I don’t need a Van Halen tribute band blowing the roof off the house of worship and the congregation holding up Bic lighters as they sway to the music. So I tend to lean more to the liturgical side of prayer. The old-style church service from “back in the day” is what I know. Damnation soothes the soul.

Sunday mornings sitting on a rock-hard pew, sweating, and fidgeting in my starched shirt and slacks while the Baptist preacher tells me I am going to Hell; now that is the real church of my youth. Although at six years old, I have no concept of Hell or why I am going there? My mother tells me to be still and then cleans my ears with a handkerchief and spit. The organist and the choir break into The Old Rugged Cross, the plate comes around and I deposit a dime. I am miserable. It is God’s wish.

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  1. Another great post. Boy do I remember that napkin and spit!! But I miss my mother and would give anything to have her around annoying me that way. Music. Interesting how you see it and church since you are a musician. Very funny as usual, as well. Your details paint pictures, you’re a good writer.

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  2. p.s. That Mr. Coffee machine. My parents had one. My father sold heavy equipment (having shunned his family’s college-oriented background), and he left the house about 6 a.m. By the time I got downstairs the whole house smelled like that burned coffee. Maybe why I never buy a Mr. Coffee. 🙂 And I am a coffee LOVER. Yep, those Keurig deals are nice, but the coffee machines break and the coffee is indeed pricey.

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    1. Since my wife retired a month ago we sometimes rise at the same time so the coffee is fresh. It’s when I get up at all hours and write is when it all goes south. My parents used an old style percolater coffee pot.


  3. This made me laugh. I can definitely relate to sitting on those hard pews, fidgeting and listening to organ music and old hymns. My reverend didn’t tell me I was going to Hell since my church was Methodist, which is baptist, just watered down. On a serious note, I am glad that I take my kids to a church that plays drums, electric guitars and incredible vocalists because I want my kids to be comfortable wearing jeans to church and actually enjoy being there. If there’s no kids in the pews there’s no future for that church. They are nice enough to have a basket of free ear plugs at the door for the ones like the blogger you mentioned. I enjoy reading your posts.

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    1. Thank you for reading. Yeah, our church also has the new music, just not as loud and in your face. I can deal with that. Yes, once the children stop going to church, we are a done deal. My 9 year old grandson has never seen the inside of one, but my 25 year old grandson goes every Sunday.

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