“Things That Keep Me Awake On A Sunday Night, But I Forgot To Write About Until Monday Night”

Jeez-al-mighty, the radicals have kicked Joe Bee to the curb. He is officially a useless old man that has outlived his pecker. Willie Nelson said it first, and he should know; he’s much older than JB and has access to better weed.

With Joe Bee soon to be in the memory care home, that cute dancing Latino congress girl from New York is now free to roam the hallowed halls of Congress and possibly the White House acting like Castro’s daughter while bossing everyone around. But, of course, Jill ( not a doctor) Biden doesn’t give a street rat’s ass if she does; she got Joe Bee to sign everything over to her, even Hunter’s laptop and collection of ancient Mayan crack pipes.

Since a handful of NFL games were canceled, ratings are up!

My wife and I thought we had the Omicron. Watery eyes, coughing, tearing up, a snotty nose, then we realized we were watching The Sound of Music. I’m better today.

Senator Manchin just bitch slapped the radical Democratic party. He saved the country, the economy, and every God-fearing citizen that lives here. Hats off to Mr. Manchin. The only thing that would be sweeter would be for him to sucker punch Pelosi while she’s drinking her Gin and Tonic ice cream float.

I visited our local on the square bookstore today; I purchased a Christmas gift for my wife. It’s a hometown place with a great assortment of the latest books, hot tea and biscuits, and friendly folks. The business was great, and the place was packed to the walls, and not one person was looking at their phone. Imagine that.

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  1. Not one person sported a mask. The place was thick with carbon monoxide exhalations. I overheard the owner telling a customer that the Omicron was much too busy in New York to bother the good folks of Granbury.


    1. The Sound of Music always brings a tear to my old eye. It was my parents favorite movie and for a year, every road trip included the soundtrack playing constantly on the 8 track player in their car. I actually began to hate the music for a while, but rediscovered it in my later years. It beings back many good memories from those days. I have never, knowingly watched a Hallmark movie, The View, or Oprah. Check out 1883 on the Paramount network. It was filmed in and around Granbury, my home, and in Fort Worth. It’s the best western since Lonesome Dove.

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      1. Thats why I leave stuff alone that doesnt grab me, when your parents or a favorite aunt like something nasty it gives you a connection. Plus how can you not like something that gives folks that much pleasure. It’s tough.
        I cant even touch those programs you mentioned. That’s some rough stuff
        I will definitely check out 1883. That’s high praise. Dove is a fave.


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