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    1. I fear they may be twins from different mothers and the same fathers. I haven’t heard that word “portmanteau” in a while. It’s all about shits and giggles these days.


      1. Whorehouse Harry…I will never forget Jerry Doyle calling him that. He also called Chuckie “Hairplug” Schumer. 😆

        Honestly, I am misusing portmanteau but, it is what I came up with, on the fly. A true portmanteau is something like “brunch”, two words blended into a new word. Hmmm…”Harryplug” might cover both men? 🤔


  1. The Dems and the FBI and the “Justice” dept are all Nazi goons, no question, but Trump has 80 million armed and angry citizens behind him, and they ain’t going down without one hell of a fight. Bring it fucking on!


  2. Hello Phil

    Many thanks for your post. “Any thinking American with a bit of functioning brain cells can see that the raid on former President Trump’s personal home is a diversion and a smoke screen to forestall the release of Hunter and Joe’s criminal activity.”

    I would add any thinking Brit would see the same. As regards the USA sadly a lot don’t think and I find them on WordPress. They seem to be Democrats who think Biden is wonderful (excuse me while I laugh like a drain…).

    Mind you I have had online correspondence via WordPress with a lady in Canada who thinks and I quote “Biden is aged, yes–around the same age as his predecessor but eight times smarter, more ethical and more moral (he does actually know what those terms represent, unlike The Idiot), ”

    When you have got up from you chair and recovered from the shock, please note I am forming a suitable reasoned response. I do my research. Not that I hold out much hope for her. She has a PhD in History of Art which is very nice I’m sure but….

    I appreciate Donald Trump has his flaws, don’t we all, but sheesh!

    If you are interested I do say quite a bit about Joe ‘Where’s my brain?’ Biden. I did try to fair to start with, but when he was elected (ahem) vice president, sorry president I thought that’s it.

    So you will find him in Lost Property (where else?) near the bottom (where else?) of the page.

    Here’s the link.


    And if it’s ok, here’s a link to memes I did, including demented Joe. You are always welcome to use as you see fit, there is no charge!


    Kind regards


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