When Evil Grabs A Gun

Another act of evil upon our young. Guns kill things, animals, humans, and everything in between; it matters not but the person who chooses to use them for evil. Children are lost to the devil that possesses humans. Now we learn the shooter is a woman but identifies as a man; could this be a factor? Confused identity or mental illness, is it one and the same? I’m a big boy and old, so come at me as you will. Words will not harm me; I am beyond that weakness.

This is a question we must ask ourselves, our loved ones, or the politicians that supposedly represent us. ” Is there a war on Christianity? I don’t wish to believe there is, but the attacks on churches and schools, and now on innocent young children attending a church school. There is a disconnect in our society. Every malcontent and sociopath has a movement against our nation’s treasured values that I remember well from the 1950s. Those years were not perfect, but they were Homeric compared to our now weekend society.

Our news media will not speak the truth on this act, any more than they do of anything of importance. In his expensive suits, Old NBC Lester Holt spits out the bullshit he is told; he has no balls or guts to speak the words the country begs to hear; he is a puppet, as our president is. If one is bullied, pushed, slighted, or looked upon hard, that is the reason to kill everyone that you feel has done you wrong. It is the new American way of repentance and evening the playing field. The perpetrators must pay with their lives. It’s fairness from the middle ages. An eye for a word.

In my youth, a lifetime ago, we threw a few punches, a wrestle or two in the dirt of the playground, shook hands, still remained friends, and moved on with our childhood and our lives. What changed, and when did it? I’m old, and now more confused than I was as a child.

2 Replies to “When Evil Grabs A Gun”

  1. The “nation’s treasured values” are gone forever as woke liberals drag us into a dystopian nightmare of godless lies and lawlessness. As for the likes of Lester Holt, yes indeed he is a cowardly lying sack of shit who sold his soul (if he ever had a soul) to the Devil Corporate for filthy lucre.


    1. I pick on poor Lester because I had high hopes for his reporting when he came on board. In record time, he disappointed me and others by becoming the NBC mouthpiece. My brother in law and sister watch him because they like his suits. Go figure that one out. You are right Mich, the values are kaput and will never come back. I don’t sleep well because of the assault on our country, hell, I didn’t sleep well before, but now it’s worse. What’s next on the news tomorrow? It’s never good.


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