The Truth won’t Set You Free, But It Will Offend Almost Everyone And Send Your Friends And Family Running For Your Door

I made a pledge to myself a while back that I would step away from expressing my political and religious beliefs, and for the most part, I have upheld my own self-imposed exile. However, the last two days have blown that apart, and I have to speak my mind; as juvenile and impetuous as it may seem, it is full of unpleasant truths that will likely offend many. I don’t apologize for the facts as I read or see them.

If the shooting at the Nashville church school isn’t horrific enough, our president, in a news conference to speak of this tragedy, tells jokes about chocolate ice cream and calls out the cute little girls in the back of the room, chuckling and yukking it up, then says a few mumbling words about the shooting; ban guns, ban Christians, put everyone in prison that isn’t a liberal Democrat, you know, the usual vomitous. Where is the national outrage over this behavior? There will be none…nada…zip. One of the clear signs of advanced dementia is the use of unpleasant, inappropriate speech. Notice anything inappropriate about that speech, “Dear Hearts?”

This weekend, one of the days will be declared a “National Day of Transgender Violence, or Vengence” it could change to something else by then. A group of sick individuals pushing this agenda have created another movement to captivate the masses. Just when the nation was getting over BLM, Antifa, and Hollywood. How will this be handled by the FBI and the DOJ without hurting their delicate feelings? Will they turn to the Kardashian women or The Oprah to soften the blow? How about us folks answering with a national day of American Christians against transgendered violence. I know…..I know, we are supposed to “turn the other cheek,” would that be the face one or the ass-one? I will turn neither and will give no quarter to these fanatical, confused, and now dangerous humans. The Ulvade police should watch the video of the Nashville policemen who ran to the shooter and took her, yes, a real woman, down within minutes of arriving on the scene. I once thought Texas had the best cops and Rangers in the country, but now I’m sure we don’t, just a bunch of wokie, pansy-assed-gun-toting-donut-eating good ole boys. I know a few cops who aren’t that, but I can’t vouch for the boys in Ulvade.

Where are the conservative voices in Washington? You know, the ones that were supposed to right all the wrongs in record time? Spiky Haired McCarthy, Turtle McConnel, WWF Jordan, and the others. The absence of Christian leaders speaking out? Franklin Graham, where in the world are you? Where is the swamp? Pelosi? AOC? all the other rats living in the tidal basin? They do not wish to offend the small percentage of freaks in the sideshow that might, through social media, influence their demise at the polls; that’s why no one is speaking out. We are in bondage to the gods of social media; Facebook, Instagram, Chinese Tik Tok, Rat Bastard platforms on iPhones, Google Chrome Notebooks, and every device that we carry.

In the words of the lunatic newsman from the classic movie Network, ” I’m mad as hell and am not going to take it anymore.” Did I say too much? Probably.

17 Replies to “The Truth won’t Set You Free, But It Will Offend Almost Everyone And Send Your Friends And Family Running For Your Door”

  1. Oh, man, all so horribly true, spoken by an honest-to-God American, while all others — politicians, lower-than-life media and all the rest of the scum of the earth cower in cowardice in their stinking swamp of hypocrisy and lies — fuckem and may they all burn in hell.

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  2. The mental illness in this country is going down the tubes. I work around 10 miles from where it happened. Those policemen didn’t screw around…they did exactly what they should have.

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    1. Yes, Max, they did their job without fear for their own lives. If only they could have been there sooner to save those poor children and teachers. Our country has a problem with mental illness as you say. Thanks for the reminder.

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  3. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for your post. Mental illness is the problem caused by the neuro-toxic drugs problem, legal and illegal. Vaccines, Nazi big pharma drugs plus the numerous toxins in the environment, air food and water. Combined with Marxist indoctrination all a recipe for disaster.

    To relieve the mood whilst telling some truth I wrote this.


      1. My pleasure, and if I may say keep up the good work. I only understand what I read online as to how things are in the States, but I consider that, sadly, things have to get very bad before people take action.

        And my observation is that we follow a timeline similar to WW2, with the USA also following a timeline like the American Civil War. See what you think.


      2. Well said, and a good observation. I too, feel the same regarding our timelines. I’ve read many books on WW2 and Churchill, as well as our own Civil War, of which I belive is coming again. So what is all this fuss about Harry and William. Brothers argue, but these two have taken it to a different level. I read the London Daily News and the Guardian. I think your papers in UK give a realistic view on world events, where ours are so hindered.

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      3. Thanks. Re Harry and William, it is a distraction to keep the masses thinking about the trivial whilst they are stitched up by government, big corporations etc, ignoring vaccine harms and deaths and the Ukraine nonsense where taxpayers money is funneled there by arms shipments.

        I haven’t read the London Daily news but I do look in on the Guardian. I does have some useful insights, but is badly compromised on the vaccines. Some truly awful propaganda.

        But all what are called the legacy media is at it, including the BBC. Much of the output is distraction or what I call April Fool’s. That day started in my books in 2020 and has yet to finish!

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  4. Good post. It takes guts these days to speak up when so many people with different opinions want to cancel you. I’ve yet been able to have an intelligent conversation with any of my liberal friends. They get mad, unfriend, hang up, etc. Anything but explain why they think the way they do and can’t show me hard facts. They regurgitate talking points from MSM and don’t realize they are being lied to. Jim Morrison has been given credit for saying, “whoever controls the media, controls the mind”, although, “Francis E. Walter used an instance with the same vocabulary “control”, “media”, and “mind” in 1956.” A few others in between used similar words too. Sorry got distracted. Anyway, BRAVO for being honest. Whatever happened to COMPROMISE?


    1. I believe comprimise went the way of the land line phone. Most of my and Mo’s family and kids are liberal, so at family gatherings, we tend to keep quiet to avoid conflict. My writing, as well as my “filterless” mouth get me in trouble. It seems I can’t go to Home Depot without speaking my mind. Hope things in OK are going well for you.


      1. That’s the problem……we all need to be talking. Trying to understand why someone thinks the way they do. Although I find it easier to surround myself with country air and lots of animals. Any of them show liberal nonsense, I’ll just sell them, LOL. Couldn’t be happier. 650 acres, no neighbors, loving husband that loves art, music and animals. God has given me a taste of Heaven.


      2. You’re blessed. We live a bit outside the city limits in a rural community, but close enough to our convienences. Once a month we hitch the wagon and go into Fort Worth for supplies. I certainly don’t miss Plano in any way.


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